The Bathtub Refinishing Process, $349, all inclusive, no hidden charges

First, the bathroom will be prepared for the work that will be done. Specifically, the bathroom will be converted into a temporary spray booth and the floors and walls will be masked off for their protection. Then, the surface of the old bathtub must be properly cleaned and sanded in order to ensure a long lasting finish. Next, we will apply an epoxy primer base which will securely adhere the new finish to the surface of the bathtub. And finally, several layers of an aliphatic acrylic polyurethane will be applied as the final finish.

Please note

1. Class A finishes are difficult to duplicate on old, rough surfaces. Therefore, we will not guarantee a perfect finish on old, rough surfaces.

2. Some chip repairs may incur additional costs.

3. Re-caulking is not included in the price.

4. After refinishing, a bathtub needs at least 24 hours to dry before re-caulking can be done.


Photos of Bathtub Refinishing Projects

Cast Iron Bathtub Before and After Reglazing (also known an resurfacing)

Photo of bathtub before reglazingPhoto of bathtub after reglazing

Photos of Fiberglass Bathtub Before and After Reglazing

Below are three photos of an old and worn fiberglass bathtub before refinishing, prepared for refinishing, and after refinishing.

Photo of fiberglass bathtub before refinishing

Photo of fiberglass bathtub prepared for refinishing

Photo of fiberglass bathtub after refinishing

Photos of Bathroom Sinks Before and AFter Refinishing

Below are photos of two bathroom sinks before and after refinishing.

Photos of a sink before and after refinsihing

Photo of second bathroom sink after refinishing