The Chiofaro Company
Real Estate Development and Management
One Post Office Square
Boston, MA

July 30, 1987

As Project Manager responsible for the development of a one million square foot technology park, I have employed BRB on numerous occasions.

BRB has proven to be exceptionally dependable and has always performed well. His work has always been completed as scheduled and he is extremely meticulous.

I strongly recommend BRB's work without reservation.

Mark C. Roopenian, Project Manager
Westborough Technology Park

Ionics, Incorporated
65 Grove Street
Watertown, MA

July 30, 1987

BRB has completed numerous painting contracts with Ionics Inc. The work done was top quality, on schedule, and performed in a professional manner. I would strongly recommend Mike Goyetche for any of your [refinishing] needs.

Richard T. Johnson
Facilities Manager


Scorpion Construction
Millis, MA

Mike, I appreciate the fantastic job you did. Everyone was very impressed with your work. I was especially thankful for your immediate response to my call and fitting me into your busy schedule on such short notice. I have enclosed a few extra dollars in the hopes that you can enjoy a movie or perhaps a bite to eat with my best considerations. I will look forward to working with you again.

Eric D. Johnson

The Arlington Center Garage and Service
438 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA

May 19, 2011

Just a little note of appreciation for the recent electrostatic job you completed for me. I wanted to let you know that, as usual, you did a great job at a very reasonable price. You really bailed me out by being able to squeeze us in with very short notice.

I can't thank you enough for all the years of great service you've provided us with your painting company as well as your bathtub and electrostatic refinishing service. Fine Finish Shop has always made everything look great - not to mention that each job has been completed in a timely fashion! A real pleasure to do business with [you]!

Many thanks for a job well done.

Gary Spence
Property Manager
Mirak Properties
Arlington, MA
Boston, MA

28 November 1994


Thank you for a job well done -- it's nice to see quality work!


Anne Myers

House & Grounds

February 7, 1994

Dear Mike,

Thanks for sending all the information out to me so quickly. I have enclosed a signed copy of the Agreement for your files.

Marcia Goodwin is thrilled with the job you did on her bathtub. Thanks so much.

I don't have any new bathroom work yet. But I certainly will suggest refinishing as an option.

Sincerely yours,


Susan Chatis

August 25 1994

Dear Mike,

As you may remember, I asked you to look at a tub and sink you had refinished because the surface wasn't holding. You volunteered to do a second refinishing at no cost to me. That refinishing is holding very well.

I appreciate the very professional and courteous manner in which you did your work and your follow-through committment. Thanks.



Marie Ariel


Residential Testimonials for Bathtub Refinishing

Thanks for the beautiful job you did on my bathtub. I’ve had so many compliments on it, I’m sure you’ll hear from some of my friends.
Alan Z.
Lexington, Ma.   1997

The powder coating of my radiator covers and hinges look great!
Many thanks,
Bill & Mary
Nahant, Ma     2001

Thank you Mike. The bathroom stalls look great.
Vickie R.
Peabody, Ma.  2009

My bathtub looks like new, and your technician was very courteous, efficient and  professional.
Paul K
Watertown, Ma.2008

My bathtub really looks great. Thanks for making it right.
Kathi  K.
Marblehead Ma. 2010

My bathtub and tile looks fabulous. Thanks again.
Louise M.
Nahant, Ma.  2010

My wife wanted me to tell you that our bathroom looks great. Also that she has seen bathtub refinishing a few times and that you are light years ahead of others. I can’t even see where you made the repair. We're very happy and will be recommending you a lot.
John, V.
Brookline, Ma.  2011

My bathtub looks like new!
Bernie W.
Belmont  Ma.      1999

I’m very happy with the repair. Thanks.
Rhonda  W.
Lynn, Ma.    2005

My bathroom tile looks great! Thank your refinisher for me.
Melrose Ma.      2010

Mike, my daughter's bathtub looks beautiful. When can you do mine?
Josie R.
Belmont, Ma.     2006

Mike, I just wanted to let you know your refinisher did a great job. My bathroom looks new.
Bill C.
Lynn Ma.       2011

My tables look great. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.
Todd L.
Cambridge Ma.  2001

The grouting and your cleaning and polish treatment has brought my bathroom back to life. Everyone loves it. Thanks.
John C.
Watertown Ma.     2007

Hi Mike,
Your company sprayed my bathtub a couple of years ago and it looks great. I was just wondering what are some of the best products to clean it with? Thanks.
Mary S.
Cohasset, Ma.   2009

You’ll be getting a few calls. I’ve been recommending you a lot. My bathtub looks great. Thanks.
Paul C.
Melrose Ma.    2002

Mike, Your guy did a great job! Thanks.
Deb  J.
Watertown, Ma. 2005

Thanks, Mike. The kitchen sink looks great!
Bill F.
Watertown, Ma.   2008


Commercial Testimonials for Bathtub Refinishing

Your deep clean and polish treatment really dressed up our bathtubs and saved us thousands of dollars. Thank you.
Michael, B.
Ramada Inn
Boston, Ma.  1996

The bathtubs look great. You’re the neatest contractor I work with.
Paul S.
Ritz Carlton Hotel
Boston, Ma.             1991

I’ll be bringing you more railing. Very nice work.
Jeff S.
Metal fabricator
Chelsea Ma.          2002

Mike, the chip repair polish on our bathtub and the slip resistant bottom you added are working out great. Thank you.
Tony S.
Four Seasons Hotel
Washington D.C.    1992

Our bathroom walls look great. I love this stuff.
Jerry C.
Harvard University
Cambridge, Ma.  1989

All companies have problems. It's the ones that make it right that you want to do business with, and you always make it right. Thanks.
Brian J.
Painting contractor  
Arlington, Ma.    2009

The powder coating came out great. My customer is very happy.
Painting contractor
Andy D.
Newton, Ma.    2004